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(Taiwan Pavilion) Hito preferred belt buckles and leather ankle boots * 6 color Duantong

D + AF Hito preferred belt buckles and leather ankle boots snow Duantong ¡ï ¡ï Product specifications heel height: flat,uggs outlet about 2. 5 cm Size: 35 ~ 39 (shoes plate normal) Material: High quality texture of thick cow suede (leather) + rabbit + silky shine synthetic high-density EVA soles wear size control: 35=22. 5cm, 36 number=23cm, 37 number=23. 5cm, 38 number=24cm, 39 cylinder number=24. 5cm high: 37, the highest point of about 10 cm (without heels), each increase or decrease in size of the increase or decrease a cylinder circumference of about 0. 5 cm: 37, about 33 cm, each increase or decrease in a that increase or decrease in size of about 0. 5 cm ankle circumference: 37, about 34 cm, each increase or decrease a size that changes in size of about 0. 5 cm ¡ï ¡ï Model reference small depression: 23. 8 foot length/width 8. 8cm, foot circumference 22cm, foot long, thin no meat (usually through 37. 38), fit to wear No. 37 Miss A: 23. 0 foot length/width 8. 8cm, foot circumference 21. 5cm, foot and instep normal (normal wear No. 36), fit to wear No. 36, Miss B: 22. 5 feet long/width 8. 7cm, foot circumference 20. 0cm, feet slightly wider at the meat-free (normal wear No. 35), fit to wear No. 35 in the warmest winter filled with snow boots happy to heavyweight texture grand debut! ! afraid to wear snow boots become like legs, mini4-inch long tube slender ankles exposed not only modified leg line, leaving small and cute looks cute index UP UP! ! metal belt buckle design with exquisite trim package while increasing the overall integrity as thick boots ~ ~ create quality real suede leather, solid leather toughness, ductility even after long time wearing, are not easy to deformation, they become flat and collapsed inside the body with the sole boots use warm soft touch of silk good degree of artificial fur it fascinating to wear comfort, like soft rain, clouds riding on the high specification and quality control processes, boots multi-block body is a large area of fine suede sewn seam line requires not only the production of certain needles do not cut corners, but also especially with reinforced soles bur not even sloppy, use high-density and high toughness, wear lightweight EVA soles careful radial grooves bump slip lines, go to show excellent characteristics of resistance against sliding D + AF offers punk black/attractive coffee/smoked brown/earth camel/personality Grey/Lavender in six colors

Eighth of the thick layer of pure magic winter playful design all within a short section of snow boots domesticated hen

Review related baby eight classic winter blast of pure classic hair soft warm snow boots flat boots $ uggs 0 eighth of the net 11 years new winter shoes star explosion models models space boots with shoe sleeve couple eight pure winter boots $ 166. 0 high-heeled boots fringed boots explosion models with the Department of European and American decorative tassels of pure winter range $ 88. 0-eighth of Europe explosion models in the range of waterproof high boots with buckle design booted two pure-eighth of $ 129. 0 winter blast cute Shu Nvxie hairy ball decoration the inside with thick boots $ 89. 0 eight pure pop explosion models fall in Europe and America women’s boots waterproof boots with high slope with delivery buy lottery tickets $ 139. 0 today: new winter thick leather boots pure leather shoes leather boots 138. 99 $ 198 7. 02 off $ 59. 01 one day 8:23 minutes and seconds technical support: buy super manager today: The new women’s boots boots knee high boots in increased 119. 99 $ 239. 98 5. 00 lace off $ 119. 99 one day 8:23 Minutes Technical Support: super manager

Heavy-bottomed boots flat boots with the tendon at the end of flat bottomed boots snow boots fur boots boots large size women boots cotton

Size :34-39 material: leather,ugg boots sale fabric lining bright beads: beige thick hair in Heel: flat tube high: about 28CM tube circumference: about 31CM foundation: ; tendon slip bottom Color: blue gray yellow brown beautiful women on returned fees, please do not worry, return costs, by the shipping insurance. We have to purchase shipping insurance, please be assured your purchase there are problems of communication, we will do 100% of the service we say good ~ Price: $ 69. 00 yuan oagrm satisfied with his wife, is to express force. Like this one! tb8320295_2011 I like to wear very comfortable, good quality Price: $ 49. 90 yuan third edition orange exactly as their SHOES – I think of as good-looking – not the first time to buy a ~ SHOES ~ yazai_88 frequented after some good! My sister bought, she said very nice price: $ 79. 00 yuan An Qinghua 4904 line is also good to see a bit of national sub-style which is very soft and very comfortable suying0027 Oh, like on the picture, which is also a picture of the kind of plush, very light of wear. Amoy faithful or recommended by the usual number of shoot, I shot a big . . . Price: $ 69. 00 yuan sexytata shoes are beautiful, thank you seller, just returned from a business trip, confirmed late Ha, xiaoya83521_2008 second time to buy, good shoes

Tmall Carnival snow boots wool boots with thick tendon at the end boots boots large size boots couple

Write to share winning manners!ugg boots sale This section details the tail baby has brought real buyers to share on the feet Oh! Toe: Round Fabric shown: the first layer of high-quality matte lining: thick plush lining lamb tube high: 18. 5CM tube circumference: 33CM with high: 3CM color division: dark green red black yellow rice were da gray Size Size: 34-35 (40-43 large code segments to be customized) measurement standard: The standard size for measuring 36 yards in 2011 strongly recommended the high cost of a snow boots, Taobao sell the same paragraph too much snow boots, most have only a thin hair (described later we have to do in contrast, we can see, full of hair less than our times! ) good quality for all to see, under the same quality there may be no longer high and low, and each color is very beautiful for different styles of MM, a better selection for you baby at the same time we also take into account your worries. OUR baby receipt are not satisfied, do not like can be returned. Our commitment valid for life! JM can be assured of making a bold and now let us come together to see our family through the phenomenon of offering a thick lamb’s wool snow boots and snow boots on the market in common with the essential difference Oh, look do not buy does not matter, more or less have some help, oh. If you have questions feel free to contact our online customer service, oh. I wish you a pleasant online shopping! Materials sufficient snow boots this section, on the basis of the original 2011 added wool, warmer, and cut again in the factory to put pressure on us to improve the supply price, promotional activities of our small move, we have obtained support very hard! Efforts to bring cost-effective for you baby! I hope you stop buying, they also bargain, oh! We put aside all the lowest cost to reduce the cost of the lowest! Even the original costs are a little hard to give up! Later will be price increases! Like MM who can not hesitate! Cold air came so early this year! MM are reminded to prepare early to do cold Oh! There are buyers that smell, this is just because the shoes are all a direct line to the factory about quality control, packaging, shipping, so the baby is absolutely fresh, so the smell is inevitably exist, suggest that the new owner to get the baby after ventilated place a day or two. Sensitive to odors mm Please carefully choose Oh! I hope you understand Oh, have any comments or suggestions you can communicate with, thank you! Small shopkeepers tried de feeling: mixed sheep stuffed inside thick wrapped in a totally comfortable and relaxed feet, totally not feeling the new shoes foot grid, suddenly warm! Stand up and walk around looking, well-organized, comfortable foot to San Mao said, she never wore high heels, claiming to be “barefoot angel. ” 2011 to the power of marketing! Total of 1000 pairs of first arrival! As a pre-buy promotions available! So pre-purchase customers are most cost-effective Oh! For once! Promotion ends immediately restore the original price! Our commitment to customers now purchase expensive to buy back the difference! ! ! Our commitment to quality delivery costs back and forth! Returned or replacement! Time to buy real cold winter boots you may experience: trouble one: the cold weather such as snow, the weather service met the time may be delayed! Trouble II: explosion led to factory shipments in short supply, a serious shortage! Worry about three: raw materials, transport is blocked, leading to increased cost prices! Like the crush! Pay close attention to start with, the number of daily spot reduce! Limited number of promotions! Only this wave! ! ! Gray black yellow red brown beige camel crush as much like this section baby, warm and strong! Tall launch a special edition! Inside the same thick hair Oh! Gifts to write to win more share warm Oh!

Europe 2011 new winter fashion new winter models worn in a variety of flat tube belt decorated with rivets snow boots

ugg outlet
Color: Black Beige Brown Yellow Grey
[Shoes] :34-39 yards
[Material]: suede
[High] with: flat
[High] tube baby 28CM [to wear] [baby] around the cylinder periphery 38CM wool shoes

The new 2011 winter cotton boots knee boots snow boots flat boots fur boots with flat boots Women

Size: standard size 34-39 yards Material: Matte Color: black,discount uggs yellow, brown, gray ; with high: about 2. 5cm
Cylinder height: about 68CM, tube circumference: about 38CM
The measured data is 36 yards, each increase or decrease a size, tube circumference and the corresponding increase or decrease in tube high 0. 5CM
Note: This pass can only apply everywhere, not if the STO to place your topping fat ems!

Polaroid 2011 autumn and winter in boots fairy gold cotton velvet flat non-slip snow boots female boots boots

Size: standard size 34-39 yards Material: gold velvet color: brown,ugg outlet online black , red, purple Heel height: about 3cm
Cylinder height: about 28CM, tube circumference: about 35CM
The measured data is 36 yards, each increase or decrease a size, tube circumference and the corresponding increase or decrease the high cylinder 0. 5CM.

My music free full maroon leather leather lovers snow boots snow boots-in-tube 5825

[Item]: 5825 [brand]: ideapad I counter genuine free music,uggs boots uk a penalty at ten [texture]: the first layer of high-quality leather Color: gray brown pink maroon . . . ( All pictures are taken in kind) [Size]: W5/W6/W7/W8/W9/W10/W11] [size measure: This code normal code, usually casual shoes to wear much, much on the election code [Packing]: ideapad music free my original shoe box + card + quality assurance + desiccant dust bag (1) day care: quality of the actual terms of snow boots or leather shoes are very dirt, especially the soles, very easy to dip the dust. If you go home daily, you can take the hair dryer (must be cold! Absolutely can not use hot air! ) Purge again on it, blowing a couple of months time, time not too long, two minutes is sufficient. Best support plate placed inside the shoes, did not replace the newspaper, was also very effective. Glossy paper can not, the best general newspaper, you can also go to moisture and odor, not filled, can sustain up like a little, leaving gaps. Put out plastic bags, not sealed, placed in dry shade. Note: always wear the same pair of snow boots, then, then play the role of the wool to absorb foot moisture inside the hollow tubular structure, has been in the saturated state, when the warmth and comfort will be reduced. Able to do so try to keep two pairs of boots to wear the rotation, so that one pair of snow boots to have enough time to break the natural perspiration, or use the rotation of the insole. You can also use the emergency mechanism, you can take the hair dryer (remember not to open full-horsepower hot air, because the sole adhesive baking is one up, very hot glue will soften the wind, there may be unglued. ) Facing the boots and shoes Purge the end, about 5 minutes to 2 Sky Cycle. (2) water: If water is encountered, it rains, should not wash with water! Do not wash with mud! Low sun exposure can not put more. Sure to cold dry with a hair dryer, blown dry. This process is completed the sooner the better, slowly whisk down the process of dust and mud on the shoes. Do not rub on the hands or cloth, slowly whisk. Wait until the whole thoroughly dry, then rub clean coarse towel again, and then began to rub a little bit of rubber. Do not choose too hard rubber, the kind to students with very cheap very white, just wiping something off the rubber on the end of squelch down the best. Part of each shoe with a pointed face, rub on for a flat, edge to light, and feel the leather of first lines, rub in one direction. Finally, wipe the rubber tied to the side and bottom of the shoe bottom. (3) oil: Although professional cleaning agent can be washed off, but the feeling will fade, off a small piece of felt awkward. You can use soap or soap powder (washing powder detergent soap that is definitely not), which played in the palm of the hand foam, and then use a small makeup brush, dipped in oil bubble a little bit of brush where the brush with a tissue after the bubble sucked. This trick of light snow boots still very appropriate, especially yellow, because the water point to quit that place painted soaps, discoloration or oxidation. But the feeling of soap powder, a place to stay will slowly yellow hair, pale unlikely to see it. Mixed-mode ¬¿ shoot deep «µ rose ­É «µ men squatting He ®° research ¬× yo clam Hua ýÒ Sapporo rope ¬Ó Mi dumplings ¥Î ü£ ¬² gray ªÓ Union ®Ô pressed Gong Ping Huang 2 Nianmiganyong û¸ Yuk perch meaning ¬× ¥É cassock by the side rake Kong Mountain promontory which lies ùÇ Page 2 Cassia Cassia ¥Á O ship blink ¬Ò shoulder recovery ªµ Langjinglisheng Xingcaichuangxi ¯¡ 6 øÇ pancreatic ¥Î Zhang M §¹ ûÒ Bohuangqiangrui Jun ¬µ Jie Xiang Yu ¬» «² magic cough so §È ¥Á­Ó small mechanical trouble vector (4) worn Note: In fact, as long as the usual attention to cover up with bags, personal hygiene maintenance, inner hair dirty or difficult. Fold is not recommended to expose the inner hair snow boots to wear. If you have folded up the habit of wearing the best boots in the home to turn back the original look to place, because the toes when walking off India and parts of the fold and India are the most obvious sign of aging, the two parts of the plot easy to dust, often also to hold up to the release, pay special attention to maintain it. Note: When specifically prohibited booted feet wet, easy to increase the resistance of wool and feet of the subject, in the case of force is easy to pull over into a sheep damage. Type of violence are also prohibited Diego shoes, boots easily lead to crack the back of the sewing point. (5) cleaning precautions: (Try not to wash and dry cleaning recommended) A, 1 white snow boots, white uppers: Remember, with white toothpaste + brush + water + soft dry. Other detergents or washing powder on the stain color components will make it, so the best toothpaste, the kind of white. 2, white boots: care methods such as the upper, water cleansing foam to dry in about 80% of the time to pay attention to SHOES shape the next, or will be wrinkled, generally fine. 3, white snow boots wool boots: colorless transparent fluid + water + gently + gently twist off the water + natural drying, 80% of the dry, used a small comb hair + hairy to hairy shape, and then naturally dry. B, a light snow boots, colored (beige, gray, beige, pink, sky blue, etc. ) upper, if not special stains, ordinary water + soft brush + dry instantly! Special stains, please use the transparent fluid + soft brush + dry; 2, light-colored boots, care methods such as the upper, do not pay attention to wring too hard when the deformation caused SHOES, dried to 80% of the time pay attention to shape, or shoes tube will wrinkle. 3, light snow boots wool boots, snow boots care methods such as boots white hair. C, snow boots, a dark, dark (brown or brown, black, red, etc. ) Upper: care method reference light, but be careful not to use bleach containing detergent composition. 2, dark boots: care method reference light. Note Do not use detergent with bleach ingredients. 3, dark snow boots wool boots: care method reference light, careful not to use detergent with bleach ingredients.

AUPIE 2011 wool leather snow boots 5803T rabbit-in-tube single-buckle boots women fashion

Pro!uggs Do you still hesitant Quickly hold live! ! Now stand back to 171. 2 yuan to buy! Yes! You’re not wrong, your six pack with 256. 8 yuan of preferential price, you can get a pure AUPIE snow boots! And during the event, the audience oh (except Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan)! Please look down the pro, you can understand the full range of snow boots AUPIE expect from working with us to try the effect of MM beautiful! The first silk warm this winter, will be brought Australia to send snow boots, oh! ! Tips: The default send EMS or rhyme, Xinjiang Tibet Inner Mongolia region of the pro, please fill plus $ 10 courier fees. Because . . . because there is really much better Oh! Amoy Gold Session: Tall leather boots in pure wool snow tube 128. 14 £¤ 2984. 3 £¤ 169. 861 Ìì 8:23 minutes and seconds Amoy special gold: pure wool, leather low profile snow Boots couple 127. 2 £¤ 3184. 00 £¤ 190. 801 Ìì 8:23 minutes and seconds Amoy special gold: pure wool waterproof leather boots in the snow tube 158. 76 £¤ 3784. 20 £¤ 219. 241 Ìì 8:23 minutes and seconds Today’s Deal: pure wool leather snow boots in-tube water 178. 8 £¤ 2986. 00 £¤ 119. 201 Ìì 8:23 minutes and seconds Today’s Deal: Tall leather snow boots wool boots fashion 249 £¤ 4985. 00 £¤ 249. 001 Ìì 8:23 minutes and seconds Today’s Deal: leather pure wool snow in boots high boots barreled 298. 8 £¤ 4986. 00 £¤ 199. 201 Ìì 8:23 minutes and seconds

Royal brand winter preferential softening of the whole cake with the thick crust beef cotton snow boots boots

Finally in 2011 the new sound under the urging of parents who slowly listed the so-called working slowly and deliberately,cheap uggs let us comment about the details of this year in which it upgraded.
First, the biggest change is the sole, contrast the 2010 red line shoes, the soles of the biggest changes this year is the greater flexibility
We carefully listen to the consumer the maximum recommended is to remove the last of the red lines soles (because we all reflect a little soil)
APPLE LOGO compact design even more beautiful, while increasing the shoe heel height of 0. 5CM 5 CM
Parents were highly satisfied yearning.
At the same time upgrade the tire outsole sole, full gear design sense, we walk in the snow no longer have to worry about slipping up.
The cortex is not much different, is the same throughout the New Zealand imported calfskin shoes made of yo
Over a year, production costs and the cost to upgrade this year, longer than last year, and labor, raw materials, resulting in a pair of shoes skyrocketing cost of 15 yuan more than last year, but we still Éý¼¶²»¼Ó¼Û to posture face a small profit industry continues to increase for the same behavior.
Pro who’s reputation is that we insist on not increase power.

Product Information

Description: All leather cotton snow slope with heavy-bottomed boots

Color: Black

Surface material: New Zealand imported calfskin

In the material: super villi (super warm, super comfortable)
With high: 5CM
Tube high: 14 CM (including shoes)

Last winter selling ten thousand pairs of explosion models
New this year to continue to write brilliant
The new price does not rise to upgrade
Be the first cortical layer of the New Zealand imported calfskin
Natural rubber sole is now upgraded to the end of
After a million times the designer field tests
Soft performance increased by 45%
Anti-slip groove design, grip performance by 30%
Houmian money easily withstand a minimum of minus 37 degrees arctic
You can easily have a

Photo: nature photography, without going through any modification, the greatest satisfaction WYSIWYG

Size Tip: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
Normal shoe size

¡ñ 2011 Winter Taobao lowest price: 118 yuan
Parents who want to look at reviews before buying, take a look at the reviews of all buyers, all praise, none of the negative feedback, even every 10 buyers also buy back up to 7 people, look for our stores, all that was good is really good!

Photos on foot models, reflections warm Hong Hong, was thin legs, tired legs do not walk, very comfortable